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Aster family word jumble

Unscramble the following genus names of perennials that are all related in the huge composite, sunflower, or aster family (Asteraceae). Flowers are typically actually composed of many showy petals or mini ray flowers, surrounding inner mini disc flowers,  as with sunflowers and asters.  Others are similar to blazing star (Liatris) with no significant outer petals or ray flowers.  Answers follow below.  (Need a hint? Common names in random order are black-eyed daisy, goldenrod, green and gold, yarrow, blanket flower, Shasta daisy, coneflower, Joe pye, Leopard's bane, tickseed.) 

1. Slioadog

2. akdbieuRc

3. cienhcEaa

4. aailiardlG

5. utuLchememna

6. Aleilcah

7. uEtpuioarm

8. spoCriseo

9. romoDinuc

10. rCsnyusgohm



1. Solidago

2. Rudbeckia

3. Echinacea

4. Gaillardia

5. Leucanthemum

6. Achillea

7. Eupatorium

8. Coreopsis

9. Doronicum

10.  Chrysogonum

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