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Phlox cultivar word jumble

Unscramble the following cultivar names of popular tall garden phlox (Phlox paniculata).  Hint, and answers below. 

1. okeycyebw (2 words)

2. lupsaidraeeb  (2 words)

3. rhyegibtes (2 words)

4. ddaiv

5. rlaau

6. eulagaesfnrlitn (2 words)

7. areonhlig (2 words)

8. haskcevow

9. osthrwood

10. frtesari

Hint (words in random order): Becky Towe, Nora Leigh, Laura, Blue Paradise, Natural Feelings, David, Shockwave, Shortwood, Bright Eyes, Starfire,











1. Becky Towe, green leaf centers, creamy wide margins, carmine-rose flowers

2. Blue Paradise, violet-blue flowers, very popular

3. Bright Eyes, light pink florets with darker centers

4. David, tall white resistant to mildew

5. Laura, pink-purple florets with white centers

6. Natural Feelings, flowers swirled with rose-lavender, green and white

7. Nora Leigh, green leaf centers, creamy wide margins, light pink florets with darker centers

8. Shockwave, new, lavender pink flowers, dark green leaves with yellow margins

9. Shortwood, lavender-pink with dark eye

10.Starfire, bright red flowers


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