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A great perennial vine for gardens. Match the popular cultivar to the description (number refers to pruning category--1 are early flowering, 2 bloom early and late, 3 bloom late on current year's growth).  Answers are at the bottom.  These and growing details can be found in an article on this site.

1. Nelly Moser a. pale pink, carmine mid-stripe, category 1
2. Duchess of Edinburgh b. silvery mauve, category 1
3. Belle of Woking c. white, yellow stamens, category 1
4. Lincoln Star d. single, blue-purple, category 2
5. Elsa Spath e. raspberry flowers edged white, category 2
6.Golden Tiara f.Chinese species, lantern-shaped yellow flowers, category 2
7.Ernst Markham g. single pale blue, purple mid-stripes, category 3
8.Perle d'Azur purple, single, category 3
9.Hagley Hybrid, gold stamens, category 3
10.Jackmanii j.single pink, category 3



1. a

2. c

3. b

4. e

5. d

6. f

7. i

8. g

9. j

10. h

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