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Influential Dates of Horticulture

Can you match these important events with their year? Answers below.  More can be found in several articles (

event year
1. Jute garden twine first appeared, Dundee , Scotland  a. 1832
 2. Use of flower pots was begun by Pharaoh Ramses III  b. 1230 BC
 3. John Gerard is most famous for his Herball  c.1932
 4. British alpine specialist Walter Ingwersen wrote his Manual of Alpine Plants  d. 1597
 5. French engineer Salomon de Cans built the first greenhouse   e.1978
 6. The wheelbarrow was invented in China  f.1543
 7. The first study of plants, separate from medicine, was at the Univ. of Pisa (Italy)   g.1619
 8. The first record of tulips flowering in cultivation  h. 1804
 9. The Royal Horticulture Society in England is established  i.1538
 10. James Markham obtained the first patent issued for a tree (peach).  j. 231



1. a

2. b

3. d

4. e

5. g

6. j

7. f

8. i

9. h


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