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Grass family word jumble

Unscramble the following genus names of perennials that are all related in the grass family (Poaceae), the ornamental tall relatives to the lawn grasses.   Answers follow below.  (Need a hint? Common names in random order are eulalia, fountain grass, blue fescue, blue oat grass, switchgrass, moor grass, little bluestem, hair grass, blood grass, feather reed grass.) 

1. cshanstiuM

2. ausFcet

3. umnicaP

4. haruyciSzcmhi

5. eiottclcnHrioh

6. ptraemIa

7. csiampshDea

8. iMloani

9. graomaassClit

10. tesniunPem



1. Miscanthus

2. Festuca

3. Panicum

4. Schizachyrium

5. Helictotrichon

6. Imperata

7. Deschampsia

8. Molinia

9. Calamagrostis

10. Pennisetum

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