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Fruit Terms

Okay, most herbaceous plants don't have fruits as we know them, but fall is the time woody plants do.  Match the following terms to their descriptions.  Answers below.
hint:  see the article on fruit types

1. pome a. central core surrounding seeds, as in apples
2. berry b. single seed surrounded by a hard pit, as in peaches, viburnum
3.drupe c. several female parts (pistils) form multiple small fruits, as raspberry
4. hips d. comes from a single female flower part (pistil), one or more seeds, eg. grapes
5. simple e. unique to roses
6. aggregate f. fruit with single ripened ovary in single flower, as drupes or pomes
7. multiple g. several flowers fuse to form many fruits that appear as one, as pineapple
8. achene h. fruits that don't split open when mature, as with pomes and berries
9. schizocarp i. very small fruits with one seed, usually in clusters, as sunflower or buttercup
10. indehiscent j.fruits split into sections, sections with seeds remain intact, eg. mallows



1. a

2. d

3. b

4. e

5. f

6. c

7. g

8. i

9. j

10. h

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