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Food Names for Perennials

Some perennial cultivars are named for foods.  Sometimes the leaves or flowers might bear some resemblance in color, sometimes you just have to wonder.  Try and match the cultivar name with the appropriate plant description and genus.   answers below.
1. Banana Puddin a. Amsonia, 5in. tall, narrow leaves
2.  Georgia Pancake b.  hosta, 4in. high x 12in. wide, yellow
3.  Cracker Crumbs c. Baptisia, dark brown flowers with yellow
4.  Peppermint Stick d.  hosta, 6in. high x 12in. wide, yellow with green edge
5.  Pineapple Upside Down Cake e. Arundo donax, white striped leaves, from China
6. Chocolate chip f.  hosta, 15in. high x 4ft. wide, gold, dark green edge
7.  Creme Brulee g. lobelia, light pink-lavender
8. Cotton Candy h. Heuchera, peachy-orange
9.  Ham and Eggs i. Heuchera, pink under leaves, reddish tan above
10.  Marmalade j. Lantana, opens pink, center becomes gold



1. b

2. a

3. d

4. e

5. f

6. c

7. h

8. g

9. j

10. i

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