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Match the following popular or choice species or cultivars of this genus with a trait.  They grow best in well-drained soil, full sun, average to poor soils, and will often tolerate some drought once established.  Most are hardy to at least zone 4, fall blooming and so good for both color and pollinators then. See answers below.
1.  a New England aster, 4-6ft tall, bright rose flowers a. Purple Dome
2.  New York types, one foot tall, purple or pink or light blue cultivars b. Alma Potschke
3.  Smooth aster (A. laevis), 2-4ft tall, blue flowers, from Mt. Cuba (DE) c.  Esther
4.  a low New England aster (under 2ft), deep blue flowers, from Mt Cuba d. Jindai
5.   2-3ft tall, horizontal branches, hundreds of small white flowers e.  Lady in Black
6. Aromatic aster, 2ft tall, fragrant leaves, lavender blue flowers late f. Mönch
7.  Heath aster, under 2ft tall, white flowers pink tinted, needle-like leaves g. October Skies
8.  Frikart's aster, 2-3ft tall, lavender blue flowers much of summer, zone 5 h. Calico aster
9. Tatarian aster, 3-4ft tall, blue flowers, large basal leaves i. Blue Bird
10.  Calico aster, 2-3ft tall, dark purple leaves and stems j. Wood's asters



1. b

2. j

3. i

4. a

5. h

6. g

7. c

8. f

9. d

10. e

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