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Switch Grass word jumble

Unscramble the following cultivar names of commonly available switch grasses (Panicum).  This is one genus in the National Ornamental Grass Trials for 2012-2016, with one of the 12 sites in my Vermont zone 4b trials.   Answers follow below.  (Need clues?  names in random order: Prairie Wind, Prairie Fire,  Rotstrahlbusch, Shenandoah, Dallas Blues, Prairie Sky, Cloud Nine, Northwind, Heavy Metal, Ruby Ribbons). 

1.  iFPrraeirei        (2 words, blue green leaves turn red in summer)

2.  ifPierinaWd        (2 words, 6-7ft tall, resists wind well)

3.  elNodiCnu        (2 words, blue green leaves, can reach 6-7ft tall and need support)

4.  lalslDaeBus        (2 words, blue green leaves, can reach 6-7ft tall)

5.   schstaorRlubth    (older German cultivar, 3ft tall, reddish in fall)

6.   Saehahdnno    (reddish color in leaves, popular but not one of best reds)

7.  iraSkyiPer    (2 words, 3-5ft tall, blue leaves)

8.  yeavHMalte    (2 words, metallic blue leaves, upright, amber yellow leaves in fall)

9.   Nidrotwhn    (bluish green leaves, upright, needs no support, excellent choice)

10.  iysRbubobnR    (2 words, from Univ. Conn., 3-4ft, blue-green leaves turn red midsummer)



1. Prairie Fire

2. Prairie Wind

3. Cloud Nine

4. Dallas Blues

5. Rotstrahlbusch

6. Shenandoah

7. Prairie Sky

8. Heavy Metal

9. Northwind

10. Ruby Ribbons

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