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Fall Foliage

Why do leaves turn colors in fall?  Test your botany knowledge by matching the term with the statement or description.  Answers below.
hint:  see the article on why leaves turn color

1. anthocyanin a. pigment in leaves responsible for yellow colors, a type of carotenoid
2. xanthophyll b. pigment in leaves responsible for red colors, produced in fall
3.carotenoids c. pigments present in leaves, give orange colors
4. daylength d. triggers timing of color change, earlier or later
5. temperature e. main trigger for leaves to turn color
6. spring drought f. causes leaves to turn color earlier
7. fall rains g. triggers stoppage of nutrient flow, chlorophyll to stop being made
8. abscission layer h. mutes colors, leaves fall sooner
9. chlorophyll i. brown pigments in leaves, seen after other pigments break down
10. tannins pigment in leaves, masks carotenoids



1. b

2. a

3. c

4. e

5. d

6. f

7. h

8. g

9. j

10. i


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