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Choice perennials

The following are some choice perennials, either new or underused, featured last year as plants of the month.  Have you been checking these out on this website?  If not, you'll find them under the Photos link from the mainpage.  See if you can match the cultivar with a fact on them.  answers below..
1. Hadspen Cream bugloss a.  flowers raspberry pink, silvery leaves
2.  Ursula's Red b.  new hellebore from England
3.  Heart Attack dianthus c.  Perennial Plant of the Year for 2007
4.  Gateway d. hybrid of  'Atropurpureum' and 'Autumn Joy'
5.  Prairie Sunset e. evergreen crinkled, leathery gray-green leaves
6.  Matrona f.  blood-red flowers
7. Philippe Vapelle g.  pinkish flowers late summer
8. Berries and Cream h.  long bloom, related to sunflower
9.  Ivory Prince i.  Wood fern family
10. Walker's Low j.  Borage family



1.  j

2.  i
3.  f

4.  g

5.  h

6.  d

7.  e

8.  a 

9.  b

10.  c

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