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Salt tolerance of perennials

Perennials in the north near roads or walks and drives often have to contend with heavy salt concentrations.  Are the following hardy (USDA zone 5 or colder) perennials highly salt tolerant?  Answers are below.
1. columbine a. True or False
2. pinks (dianthus) b. True or False
3. silver mount artemisia c. True or False
4. Russian sage d. True or False
5. bearberry (Arctostaphylos) e. True or False
6. bird's foot trefoil f. True or False
7. bearded iris g. True or False
8. daylilies h. True or False
9. barren strawberry (Waldsteinia) i. True or False
10. 'Autumn Joy' sedum j. True or False



1. true

2. true

3. false, only moderately salt tolerant
4. false, only moderately salt tolerant

5. true

6. true

7. false, only moderately salt tolerant

8. true

9. true

10. false, only moderately salt tolerant

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