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Word scramble--native sun perennials

Can you unscramble the following genus names of native perennials that would be good choices for full sun, and moist to average soils? Common names are hints.   answers below.
turtlehead h e l c o n e
tickseed c r p s s o e o i
coneflower c e a e c h i n a
Helen's flower m e l e h n i u
false sunflower s u t h n i a l e h
cardinal flower e b o l l i a
loosestrife s i m y l a a i c h
bee balm d a a r n o m
black-eyed daisy d b k u r e c i a
false lupine r e t h s i s p o m




2. coreopsis

3. echinacea

4. helenium

5. helianthus

6. lobelia

7. lysimachia

8. monarda

9. rudbeckia

10. thermopsis

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