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Miscanthus word jumble

Unscramble the following cultivar names of commonly available eulalia grass (Miscanthus).   While this grass may be seed invasive in warmer regions, generally in the north (north of New York city for instance) this is not a problem due to the shorter season.  The silver banner grass (M. sacchariflorus) is one of the most root invasive perennials so should be avoided, or sited properly.) Generally hardy to USDA zone 5, some are hardy into zone 4 given adequate snow cover.  

Answers follow below.  (Need clues?  names in random order:  Zebrinus, Morning Light, Autumn Light, Sarabande, Cabaret, Strictus, Yaku Jima, November Sunset, Purpurescens,  Adagio.)

1.  tnoiiLghgrnM    (2 words, narrow leaves with white margins)

2.  eibnsurZ        (older cultivar, horizontal golden bands on leaves, may need support)

3.  sittrucS        (choice cultivar with horizontal leaf bands, upright, usually self-supporting)

4. baaernaSd    (silvery plumes, non-flopping, narrow leaves, choice)

5. eabtCre        (wide leaves, white band down the centers, choice)

6. amiJaYuk    (2 words, compact 3-4ft tall, similar to Nippon)

7. nLtAhguuimt    (2 words, silvery plumes early fall)

8. cuusnrePersp    (leaves turn nice red to red-orange in fall, upright 5-6ft tall)

9. vstemnoeNrSube    (2 words, robust 6-8ft tall, late-flowering)

10. goAida    (compact 3ft tall, narrow leaves, pinkish plumes end up white)



1. Morning Light

2. Zebrinus

3. Strictus

4. Sarabande

5. Cabaret

6. Yaku Jima

7. Autumn Light

8. Purpurescens

9. November Sunset

10. Adagio

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