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Flowers of the Months for 2015

The following flowers have been featured on this website this year.  Match them with their description.  Answers at the bottom.

1. MIstral a. a bright pink coneflower with bronze orange center cone
2. Valentine b. a lady fern with upright, silvery foliage
3. Carex appalachica c. appropriately named for a bleeding heart
4. Firewitch d. a new speedwell, over one foot high, with dark purple flower spikes
5. Blue Ice e. resembling a grass but actually a native sedge
6. Osmunda regalis f. an attractive native goldenrod
7. Pink Manners g. this dianthus name comes from the German 'Feuerhexe'
8. Solidago riddellii h. Obedient plant, clump forming, not spreading as some related
9. Purpleicious i. compact with dark blue, star-like flowers in early summer
10. Ghost j. Royal fern, getting 2 to 3 feet tall



1. a

2. c

3. e

4. g

5. i

6. j

7. h

8. f

9. d

10. b

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