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Seeing Red Sedum

One group of perennials you may be seeing more of now are the sedum with dark red leaves (or more purplish in many).  Generally these bloom late summer to early fall, have best color in full sun, like well-drained soil, and are hardy to USDA zones 3 or 4 unless noted..  Try and match the cultivar name with the appropriate description.   answers below.
1.  Bertram Anderson a.  dusty lilac leaves, rose pink flowers, 12" tall
2. Black Jack b.  dark purple leaves, dusty red flowers, 18" tall
3.  Matrona c. gray-green leaves edged pink, maroon stems, 18-24" tall, vase habit
4. Purple Emperor d.  thick burgundy leaves, red stems, rose-pink flowers, 18" tall
5.  Queen Bee e. blue-green leaves turn purple in sun, dark red flowers, 4-6" tall
6. Carnea f.  dark purple stems, gray leaves with purple mid-vein, dark red flowers, 24" tall
7.  Ruby Mantle g. purple-tinged foliage, deep pink flowers, 12-15" tall
8. Sunset Cloud h. spurium, red leaves, 4-6" tall
9.  Vera Jameson i. spathulifolium, evergreen cushions 2" tall, red -tinged leaves, zone 6
10.  Garnet Brocade j. purple leaves, pink flowers 5-8"  across, to 24" tall, sport of 'Matrona'



1. a

2. j

3. c

4. b

5. d

6. i
7. h

8. e

9. g

10. f

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