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Ornamental Carex (sedges)

From this popular group of low grass-like plants, match cultivars to their descriptions.  Species are given if appropriate.   answers below.
cultivar or species description
1.  appalachica (Appalachian sedge) a.  wide deep green leaves, prefers moist, zones 4-9
2.  Cappuccino (tenuiculmis) b. narrow leaves, wide white margins, zones 5-9
3.  Gold Fountains (dolichostachya) c. silvery blue leaves, vigorous groundcover, zones 5-9
4. Blue Zinger (flacca) d. blue leaves, spreads slowly, zones 5-8
5. flaccosperma e. reddish to bronze leaves, zones 7-9
6. Bunny Blue (laxiculmis) f.  hair-like leaves, dry shade, zones 3-8
7. Ice Dance (morrowii) g. golden, drought tolerant, part shade/sun zones 5-9
8. Silver Sceptre (morrowii) h. glaucous blue wide leaves, drought tolerant, zones 5-8
9. Oehme (muskingumensis) i. green leaves with white margins, drought tolerant, zones 5-9
10. plantaginea (Seersucker Sedge) j. emerges light green, yellow edges later, 18in tall, zones 4-8



1. f

2. e

3. g

4. d

5. h

6. c

7. i
8. b

9. j

10. a 

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