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Perennials of the months for 2010

How well do you remember information on the following choice perennials, featured each month this past year?  match the plant with an appropriate description.    answers below.
1.  Avalanche feather reed grass a.  flat-topped flowers, pink through most of summer
2.  Brownies coralbells b.  chocolate to olive-green leaves, purplish below
3.  Ozark or threadleaf bluestar c.  similar to 'Overdam' but with more white down the center of leaf blades
4. Rhapsody in blue salvia/sage d.  darker violet flowers than others in the genus
5.  Lavender towers culver's root e.  blue flowers on branched spikes early summer
6.  Wonderful Wampee yarrow f.  Perennial Plant of the Year for 2011, golden fall leaves
7.  Amethyst in Snow bluet g. yellow flowers, creamy margins on leaves
8.  Flames of Passion geum/avens h.  novel flower color for genus-- white ray flowers,  blue disc flowers
9.  Crown of Gold sundrop i.  pale purple flower spikes, mid-summer on 4-5ft stems
10. Joanne Reed catmint j.  compact, many bright ruby red flowers in late spring



1. c

2. b

3. f

4. e

5.  i

6.  a

7.  h

8.  j

9.  g

10.  d

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