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Plants of the Month for 2011

Match the following plant featured this past year on this website with a trait.  See Plants of the Month for clues.  Answers below. 
1. Cutleaf coneflower a. mid to late summer, yellow flowers, 5-8ft.
2. Purity coneflower b. one of the River series from Sinclair Adam, Jr. of Dunvegan nursery
3.  Lehigh foamflower c.  silvery leaves, wide pale yellow margins; sport of 'Jack Frost'
4.  First Blush d. aster family, fall flowers, good groundcover
5.  Silver Bouquet lungwort e. Acorus family, grass-like leaves striped yellow and green, good in wet soils
6.  King's Ransom f. Helen's flower, coppery flowers late summer, long flowering, popular
7.  Ogon g.  upright 4 to 5ft tall,  bluish green leaves, resists flopping
8.  Moerheim Beauty h. almost solid silver leaves, long; Borage family
9. Northwind i. white flowers mid summer, aster family, under 2ft high
10.  Snow Flurry j. cushion spurge, green leaves with wide creamy margins, flushed pink in spring



1. a

2. i


4. j

5. h

6. c

7. e

8. f

9. g

10. d

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