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Plants of the Year for 2012

How well do you remember information on the following choice perennials, featured each month this past year?  match the plant with appropriate description.  answers below.

1. dark very ruffled leaves with silvery cast, 10-12in. high a. Siberian graybeard grass
2.  fern with bright red leaf stalks b. Lace Carpet foamflower
3.  bright orange flowers on stalks above leaves, early summer c.  Dark Secret coralbells
4.  flowers in early spring, late winter, many types and colors d. Lady in Red lady fern
5.  grass 3-4ft high with bamboo-like effect e.  Tiki Torch coneflower
6. groundcover with deeply cut leaves, 6in. white flower spikes early June f. Brandywine hellebore
7.  bright orange daisy flowers, midsummer, 2-3ft high g.  The Blues little bluestem
8.  mound of apricot orange leaves with ruffled edges h. Totally Tangerine geum
9. bluish grass with broom-like upright effect i. Prairie Fire switchgrass
10.  upright grass 3-4ft, dark red in leaves j. Caramel coralbells



1. c

2. d

3. h

4. f

5. a

6. b

7. e

8. j

9. g

10. i

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