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Plants of the Year for 2013

How well do you remember information on the following choice perennials, featured each month this past year?  match the plant with an appropriate description.    answers below.
1. named for a lower Delaware coastal town a. 'Twister' garden phlox
2.  short coneflower 12-24in. high, red-purple flowers b. Cardinal flower
3.  native prairie tall black-eyed Susan from Illinois c.  'Dewey Blue' switchgrass
4.  coastal NC native goldenrod, 3ft or under large clumps d. 'Red Knee High'
5.  natural sport of 'Autumn Joy' sedum, creamy leaf margins e.  'Lajos'
6. white flowers with red central stripe on petals f. 'Henry Eilers'
7.  good native for moist soils, erect flower spikes g.  'Fireworks'
8.  tickseed in Big Bang series, light yellow, red center ring h. 'Lemon Ball'
9. low 4-6in. sedum, grown for bright foliage i. 'Redshift'
10.  obedient plant that doesn't spread, from Darrel Probst (MA) j. 'Pink Manners'



1. c

2. d

3. f

4. g

5. e

6. a

7. b

8. i

9. h

10. j

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