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Gardens of 2014 and New England

How much do you remember of the gardens of the months for 2014, and know of other New England Gardens (some featured in previous years)?  Match the garden with the description or fact.  Answers are at the bottom. 

1. Kris Fenderson a. this gardens has a statue of the "father of horticulture" Liberty Hyde Bailey
2. Sunken Gardens b. botanical gardens with emphasis on ferns, native plants
3. Glen Magna c. restored estate and gardens, Danvers, MA
4. Coastal Maine d. garden of nationally known designer, Acworth NH
5. Strawbery Banke e. tropical historic garden, St. Petersburg, FL
6. Fuller Rose Gardens f. outdoor museum, gardens in Portsmouth, NH
7. Asticou g. gardens near the seacoast in N. Hampton, NH
8. Tower HIll h. an azalea garden near Bar Harbor, ME
9. Michigan State Univ. i. displays works of one of America's top sculptors, Conn. valley of NH
10. St. Gaudens j. botanic garden near Worcester, MA



1. d

2. e

3. c

4. b

5. f

6. g

7. h

8. j

9. a

10. i

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