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Gardens of the Hudson Valley

The following gardens are in the Hudson Valley of New York.  Some were featured as gardens of the month for this year.  Match them with their description or fact or location.  Answers at the bottom.

1.Stonecrop a.former home and Victorian grounds of Samuel Morse of telegraph fame
2. Locust Grove b. former estate and gardens of the Livingston family, in Germantown
3. Bellefield c. former home and gardens of Frank Cabot, near Cold Spring
4. Weathersfield d. gardens influenced by the famous 19th century Andrew Jackson Downing
5. Boscopel e. best surviving garden of noted designer Beatrix Farrand, in Hyde Park
6. Innisfree f. gardens and home of famous Hudson River School painter Frederich Church
7. Kykuit g. 3-acre formal Italian Renaissance garden in countryside near Amenia
8. Olana h. the Rockefeller estate in Sleepy Hollow
9. Clermont i. Federal period house and formal gardens overlooking the Hudson
10. Montgomery Place j. blending of modernist, Chinese and Japanese on a glacial landscape



1. c

2. a

3. e

4. g

5. i

6. j

7. h

8. f

9. b

10. d

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