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Spanish Perennial Names


Ever been to Spain?  Or planning a trip?  If so, did you wonder what those plant names were?  Even if none of these, test your Spanish skills (or even guessing!) here.  Match the Spanish names on the left, with the Latin genus on the right.  Some may sound or look similar, or resemble the common name, such as Lavanda (Sp) and Lavandula.  Answers are at the bottom.

Spanish English
1.Malva a. Alcea
2. Escabiosa b. Leucanthemum
3. Tomillo c. Delphinium
4. Herba callera d. Thymus
5. Primavera e. Aster
6. Lirio f. Sedum
7. Astrode serptiembre g. Primula
8. Crisanto h. Oenothera
9. Enotera i. Scabiosa
10. Espuele de caballero j. Iris

1. a
2. i
3. d
4. f
5. g
6. j
7. e
8. b
9. h
10. c

Need some help, or want to see other names?  Check out my name translations pages in various languages.

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