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Cultivars of Love

In keeping with Valentine's Day, and the theme of love, match the cultivars on the right with the appropriate descriptions on the left.
1. hosta, blue quilted leaves, pale lavender flowers early, medium size a. Obsession
2. hosta, green with dark green and jagged margins b. Love Pat
3. hosta, 1996 hosta of the year, glossy green leaves, wide creamy edges c. So Sweet
4. daylily, gold flowers, dark maroon eye, rebloomer, tetraploid d. Love's Triangle
5. peony, double pink e. Exotic Love
6. sedum, mats of blue leaves, pale pink flowers in spring f. Purple Passion
7. sempervivum, deep purple foliage with slight green in centers g. Pillow Talk
8. sempervivum, green foliage tipped with deep red h. Wedding Lace
9. fountain grass, silver variegated, short i. Ruby Heart
10. New England aster, white flowers j. Hot Lips
bonus. turtlehead, rose flowers late k. Little Honey


1. b
2. a
3. c
4. e
5. g
6. d
7. f
8. i
9. k
10. h
bonus. j

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