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Heuchera by the Dozens

Most know this group as coralbells, although the small bell shaped flowers are often not the main attraction, rather the silvery or purplish leaves. And most flowers are not coral! Test your knowledge of this popular genus, and some of its dozens of new cultivars, by matching the description with the plant. Answers are at the bottom.
1. silver mottled leaves, 30" stems, greenish white flowers a. Plum Pudding
2. bronze purple leaves, 18" stems, chartreuse flowers b. Sioux Falls
3. green leaves, 14" stems, red flowers c. Mt. St. Helens
4. dark purple leaves, very ruffled leaf edges d. Dale's Variety
5. green leaves, 18" stems, large pink flowers,older cultivar e. Palace Purple
6. leaves coppery fading metallic pewter, purple undersides f. White Cloud
7. plum purple leaves, 18" stems g. Chatterbox
8. green leaves mottled silvery, 18" stems, white flowers h. Chocolate Ruffles
9. green leaves mottled silvery, 20" stems, large coral pink flowers i. Pewter Veil
10. green leaves, 24" stems, bright red flowers j. Helen Dillon

1. d
2. e
3. c
4. h
5. g
6. i
7. a
8. f
9. j
10. b

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