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Such a great group of bulbs, so care free, long-lived, with a place in most gardens.  How well do you know some of the key cultivars?   Match the name with the description.  Answers are at the bottom.
1. trumpet, circa 1930, white, 4" a. King Alfred
2. trumpet, 1899, yellow, large b. Fortissimo
3. large cup, 1940s, white petals, yellow cup, red rim c. Barrett Browning
4. large cup, to 5" wide, yellow, red-orange corona d. Bridal Crown
5. large cup, white, flat and frilled corona yellow turns white e. Suzy
6. small cup, 1940s, white to 3" wide, orange cup, early f. Mt Hood
7. pink trumpet, late, white, pink cup, to 4" wide g. Flower Record
8. double, mid 1940s, fragrant, creamy white, multiple blooms h. Ice Follies
9. cyclamineus, circa 1940, early, reflexed petals, trumpet corona darker yellow i. Passionale
10. jonquilla, circa 1954, yellow petals, shallow red-orange corona j. Tete-a-Tete




1. f. Mt Hood
2. a. King Alfred
3. g. Flower Record
4. b. Fortissimo
5. h. Ice Follies
6. c. Barrett Browning
7. i. Passionale
8. d. Bridal Crown
9. j. Tete-a-Tete
10. e. Suzy

You can read more on daffodils in general at my online PSS123 course notes.

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