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Soils 102

One of the keys to successful perennials is a good soil.  What are some soil properties and terms you should know?  Match the definition, with its name.  Answers follow.
1. to till below the normal plow depth (generally below 6" deep) a. loam
2. mellow soil, rich in organic matter, of intermediate texture b. subsoil
3. vertical section of soil through all layers c. podzolization
4. process by which soils become more acidic d. profile
5. nutrients that plants need in small amounts e. impervious
6. loss of nutrients through downward drainage f. aeration
7. soil that is hard to penetrate by roots, water, or air g. hardpan
8. a cement-like soil layer h. horizon
9. a soil layer i. leaching
10. exchange of air in soil, as by turning j. micronutrients



1. b

2. a

3. d

4. c

5. j

6. i

7. e

8. g

9. h

10. f

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