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Perennial habitats quiz--deep shade

Choosing the right plants for the right place is becoming increasingly popular, as it results in better success with less work.  This is often called ecological landscaping, or sustainable landscaping.  Which of the following perennials are good choices for deep shade?  These are ones that really prefer shade, not just tolerate it.   Don't know some?  The VanBerkum nursery wholesale site has some photos.  See yes/no answers below.

1. Asarum
2. Aquilegia
3. Astilbe
4. Brunnera
5. Dictamnus
6. Epimedium
7. Lamium
8. Phlox paniculata
9. Tiarella
10. Waldsteinia


1. yes

2. no (sun is best)
3. yes (if moist, also sun in the north if moist)
4. yes (try new cultivars 'Looking Glass' or 'Jack Frost')
5.  no (sun)
6. yes (also sun if moist)
7. yes
8. no (stolonifera species yes).
9. yes
10. yes (also moist sun)


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