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Arguably tulips are the most popular genus of bulbs, and one of the most known flowers.  How well do you know some of the key cultivars and their classes?   If you need a review, check out my online PSS123 course notes.  Then match the cultivar name with the description.  Answers are at the bottom.
1.emperor, lemon-yellow, broad ivory edge a. Fantasy
2. kaufmanniana, rose exterior petals with white edges, white inner b. Negrita
3. greigii, carmine-red, dark base c. Red Riding Hood
4. triumph, red, edges yellow turning white d. Ballade
5. triumph, deep purple e. Sweetheart
6. triumph, silvery-pink, pink edges, variegated foliage f. Gaiety
7. giant darwin, soft pink turning deep rose g. China Town
8. lily-flowered, purplish-red, white edges h. Pink Impression
9. viridiflora, pink with darker edges, variegated foliage i. Leen van der Mark
10. parrot, salmon pink, striped green j. New Design


1. e
2. f
3. c
4. i
5. b
6. j
7. h
8. d
9. g
10. a

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