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Soils 101

One of the keys to successful perennials is a good soil.  What are some soil properties and terms you should know?  Match the definition, with its name.  Answers follow.
1. to lower the soil pH a. acidify
2. lime also containing magnesium (Mg) b. alluvial
3. easy to work soil, rich and loamy c. dolomite
4. well-decomposed, stable organic matter in soils d. capillary
5. degree that soil has air space or cavities e. porosity
6. dense soil, artificially compacted when wet f. friable
7. water held in soil from surface tension g. humus
8. class of soil based on the proportion of sand, silt, and clay particles h. inorganic
9. compound other than animal or plant matter i. puddled
10. soil recently deposited, as by floodwaters j. texture




1. a

2. c

3. f


5. e

6. i

7. d

8. j

9. h

10. b


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