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Globeflowers.  Great perennials for early spring, between the spring bulbs and summer perennials. Some call them "post daffodil depression perennials".  Get familiar with cultivars (cultivated varieties) matching the description with the name.  Keep in mind heights may vary with specific sites, climates, and conditions.    Answers follow.
1. creamy white, 28-32" high a. Alabaster
2. lemon yellow, 18-24", 3" wide leaves b. Canary Bird
3. golden orange, 36-40" c. Lemon Queen
4. golden orange, 30" d. Golden Monarch
5. lemon yellow, 18-24", 2" wide leaves e. Commander in Chief
6. golden yellow, 30-34", very early f. Empire Day
7. orange-gold, darker inside, 30-36" g. chinensis (Golden Queen)
8. dark orange, 36-40", early h. Orange Crest
9. golden orange, 30-36" i. Pritchard's Giant
10. golden orange, 36-48", 3-4" flowers j. Fire Globe


1. a

2. c
3. b
4. d
5. f
6. e
7. h
8. i
9. j
10. g

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