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You may know their midsummer plumes in shades of pink, red, purples, and white.  You may know them as a great hardy perennial for moist sites, and shade.  But how well do you know some of their cultivars?  Fill in the missing words or letters.  Answers below.  Need some clues or help?  Check out my PSS123 online course notes.

1. Ame____t

2. ________ham Beauty

3. C_____ya

4. ___ertrude B___

5. Fan__

6. Spin___

7. Peaches and _____

8. Mont______

9. S___te

10. ______ Graafland

1. Amethyst
2. Bressingham Beauty
3. Cattleya
4. Gertrude Brix
5. Fanal
6. Spinell
7. Peaches and Cream
8. Montgomery
9. Sprite
10. Hennie Graafland

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