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Speedwells are a varied genus, generally spiked flowers, from low 6" to tall 3', generally blues and purples.  Match the descriptions on the left with names on the right.  If you need a review, check out my online PSS123 course notes.   Answers are at the bottom.
1.gentian blue, 12" spikes a. longifolia
2. long, deep blue, 30" or more, species b. Sunny Border Blue
3. blue flowers early, 4-6", spreading, species c. Sunshine
4. blue flowers early, 4-6", gold foliage d. Crater Lake Blue
5. blue spikes, 18", long bloom, late bloom, from England e. Waterperry
6. blue spikes, 18", long bloom, late bloom,chartreuse foliage f. Aztec Gold
7. rose-red flowers, 10-12" g. Icicle
8. white flowers, 20-24" h. Royal Candles
9. dark violet blue spikes, bushy, 18-20" i. Red Fox
10. light blue flowers, early summer, 6", spread, purple fall leaves j. prostrata


1. d
2. a
3. j
4. f
5. h
6. e
7. i
8. g
9. b
10. e

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