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Most know this group as coralbells, although the small bell shaped flowers are often not the main attraction, rather the silvery or purplish leaves. And most flowers are not coral! Test your knowledge of this popular genus, and some of its latest of the many new cultivars, by matching the description with the plant. Answers are at the bottom.
1. ruffled, golden orange foliage a. Black Beauty
2. reddish yellow leaves, pink below b. Champagne Bubbles
3. red-purple veinds, light purple between c. Cherries Jubilee
4. dark green veins, silvery between d. Marmalade
5. green-brown foliage, dull red flowers e. Ebony and Ivory
6. chartreuse leaves, white flowers f. Mint Frost
7. dark reddish ruffled glossy leaves, white flowers g. Lime Rickey
8. dark purple ruffled leaves, ivory flowers h. Cathedral Windows
9. glossy green leaves, many flowers that turn white to pink i. Geisha's Fan
10. very dark purple veins, silver between, light pink flowers j. Amber Waves

1. j
2. d
3. h
4. f
5. c
6. g
7. a
8. e
9. b
10. i

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