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In the Eye of the Daylily

Many new cultivars of daylilies have attractive and different colored centers, or eyezones. How well do you know, and can you match, the descriptions on the left to the cultivar on the right? Unless you are real familiar with daylilies this could be tough. Answers are at the bottom to the matches. Number of these correct answers, might help determine answers to:

1-3 correct = You must be a serious perennial gardener?
4-6 correct = How many years have you been growing daylilies?
7-9 correct = You must be in the American Hemerocallis Society?
10 correct = Have you thought about growing daylilies professionally?
1. ruffled lavender, blue halo, green throat, about 28" tall a. Prairie Blue Eyes
2. creamy white, ruby red eye, green throat, about 20" tall b. Siloam Cinderella
3. pale lavender-pink, dark purple edge and eye, green throat, about 24" high, tetraploid c. Lightning Bug
4. yellow, red-purple eye, about 26" tall, tetraploid d. Pandora's Box
5. lavender flowers, dark purple eye, about 24" tall, tetraploid e. Elegant Candy
6. golden yellow, dark maroon eye, about 30" tall, tetraploid f. Exotic Love
7. lemon yellow, subtle red eye, about 24" tall, tetraploid g. Custard Candy
8. ruffled pink, red eye, yellow thin edge, green throat, about 24" tall, tetraploid h. Daring Deception
9. gold, dark purple eye, about 16" high, mini blooms i. Orchid Candy
10. pink self, red eye, about 18" high, tetraploid j. Black-eyed Susan


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