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German Perennial Names

Some of our more popular perennials were bred in Germany, and so their correct names are in German, even though you often see their English translation.  Which plant on the left if really the same plant as the one on the right?  Answers are at the bottom.
1.Schneehuegel a. Red Light
2. Rosenwein b. Snow Hill
3. Rosenkoenigin c. Glow
4. Mainacht d. Rose Wine
5. Ostfriesland e. Silver Feather
6. Silberfeder f. East Friesland
7. Schneeteppich g. May Night
8. Brautschleier h. Snow Carpet
9. Glut i. Bridal Veil
10. Rotlicht j. Rose Queen

1. b
2. d
3. j
4. g
5. f
6. e
7. h
8. i
9. c
10. a


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