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Here are some gardens you might want to visit, virtually if not possible in real life. You can do so at  Some are quite well-known, others not so but quite nice or unique.
Match (learn?) where they are, with answers following below.
1. Van den Hende a. East Sussex (UK)
2. Boerner Botanic Garden b. Kent (UK)
3. Shelburne Museum c. Holland
4. Keukenhoff d. St. Hyacinthe (Quebec)
5. Hadspen House e. France
6. Giverny f. Milwaukee (WI)
7. Les Quatre Vents g. Somerset (UK)
8. Daniel Seguin Garden h. Quebec City (PQ)
9. Sissinghurst i. Vermont
10. Cabbages and Kings j. Quebec


1. h
2. f
3. i
4. c
5. g
6. e
7. j
8. d
9. b
10. a

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