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Vinca minor cultivars

Vinca minor or Littleleaf Periwinkle (not to confuse with the annual periwinkle Catharanthus) is a great spreading or vining groundcover, evergreen, hardy, for shade and interplanting there among taller perennials such as hostas.  (Check in your area, however, with local perennial nurseries and professionals to make sure it is not too vigorous and invasive.)  If you're not familiar with the several great cultivars of this low maintenance perennial, learn them below!  If you need a review, check out my online PSS123 course notes.   Answers are at the bottom.
1.purple flowers a. Miss Jekyll
2. creamy white flowers, 8-10" tall b. Bowles Variety
3. small white flowers, narrow foliage, clumps c. Illumination
4. rose-wine flowers, double d. Valley Glow
5. lavender-blue flowers larger than species e. Blue and Gold
6. variegated gold foliage, white flowers f. Ralph Shugert
7. gold leaves, green edges, blue flowers g. Golden
8. variegated gold foliage, blue flowers h. Flore Plena
9. yellow stems, light green leaves, new with some gold, white flowers i. Emily Joy
10. oval leaves, dark green with wide white margins, sky blue flowers j. Atropurpurea


1. j
2. i
3. a
4. h
5. b
6. g
7. c
8. e
9. d
10. f

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