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PG-rated Perennials Quiz

Match the cultivars on the right, with the appropriate descriptions on the left. PG-rated due to suggestive names! Answers are at the bottom.
1. perennial verbena, bright red a. Illicit Affair
2. hosta, sport of High Noon, corrugated green leaves with gold border b. Hot Lips
3. hosta, sport of Cheatin Heart, small, green leaves turning gold c. Striptease
4. hosta, mutation of Gold Standard, dark green with gold and white centers d. Climax
5. wild ginger, large floral parts e. Buxom Beauty
6. daylily, cranberry red, lime green throat, ruffled margins f. Flames of Passion
7. horizontal aster, dark purple leaves, selection from Holland of U.S. native g. Autumn Crocus
8. turtlehead h. Hot Lips
9. commonly called "naked ladies" or "naked boys" i. Lady in Black
10. red Avens from Piet Oudolf j. Seductor



1. b/h
2. d
3. a
4. c
5. e
6. j
7. i
8. h/b
9. g
10. f

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