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Botany Quiz 401

If you think you know your botany and the basic terms, try these advanced terms. Or perhaps you can learn a few new ones? Most relate to herbaceous perennials in general, all to the genus Primula specifically, and are taken from the book by John Richards on this genus. Match the definition, with the term. Answers follow.
1. flower morph (expression of a gene) in which the style is short, so the stigma is within the corolla tube, and the anthers are at the mouth of the flower a. pin
2. longitudinal alignment of young leaves b. vernation
3. flower morph in which the style is long, so the stigma is at the mouth of the flower, the anthers inserted in the corolla tube c. thrum
4. plants that have either pin or thrum type flowers d. meal
5. plants with only one flower type, the anthers and stigma at the same level e. heterostylous
6. white or yellow crystalline pigments (farina) typical in many primrose species f. saccate
7. localized species, of ancient origin, which were originally more widespread g. homostylous
8. flower bracts, forming a small pouch at the base h. annulate
9. flowers with a ring-like constriction at the base of the corolla i. erose
10. an irregular margin or border, as if nibbled by an animal j. palaeoendemic




1. c

2. b

3. a

4. e

5. g

6. d

7. j

8. f

9. h

10. i

How did you do? If you got 1-2 correct: good, you're a serious gardener; 3-4 correct: excellent, are you a primrose expert? 5 or more correct: you're a botanist!

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