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Which genus, which cultivar--II

Think the similar quiz I was too easy?  Or think you mastered it?  Try this harder match of  newer cultivars with their genera.   Answers are at the bottom.
1.Tiger Jaws a. Stomatium
2. Shortwood b. Heuchera
3. Calloway c. Phlox
4. Gold Heart d. Monarda
5. Espresso e. Phlox
6. Amber Waves f. Asarum
7. Little Siberia g. Tiarella
8. Becky Towe h. Dicentra
9. Heronswood Mist i. Geranium
10. Prairie Sky j. Panicum


1. a
2. c/e
3. f
4. h
5. i
6. b
7. d
8. e/c
9. g
10. j

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