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Holiday Herbaceous Names

Some herbaceous garden plants bear holiday or winter names, perhaps from their time of bloom, or more likely their appearance. Match the winter seasonal plant name, with the genus. Answers follow.
1. Jingle Bells a. Heuchera
2. Snow Flurries b. Dianthus
3. Snow Storm c. Clematis
4. Santa Claus d. Phoradendron
5. Egg Nog e. Fuchsia
6. Mistletoe f. Hosta
7. Gingerbread Man g. Iris (bearded)
8. White Christmas h. Heuchera
9. Snow Angel i. Hemerocallis
10. Holiday Wreath j. Iris (barbata)
11. Drummer Boy  k. Tulipa
12. Christmas Marvel l. Dahlia



1. c

2. b
3. a
4. e
5. g
6. d
7. j
8. f
9. h
10. i
11. l
12. k

All the best of the season and winter holidays!

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