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(a few excerpts from the many I receive--thanks to all who email)

"I've been passing the word on your incredible web work. I think it's one of the best hort sites in the country." -- Cheryl, Vermont

"I have been looking for a site like this for ages.  I have learned so much and will book mark it as a daily site to visit.  Thank you!"  --Dee, Oklahoma

"Dr. Perry's Perennial Pages... are extremely accurate, thorough and must be seen!"-- Erin, Nova Scotia

"We're proud to say that your web site and your reading recommendations are jewels in the crown of
our mission to uncover superlative knowledge. "--Howard, Infography

"I live and garden on the opposite side of the USA (Idaho) from you but have found your pages the most informative of any that are available on the Web." --Jack, Idaho

"I just wanted to tell you that I'm impressed by your website and the information that it contains.  I teach a Herbaceous Ornamental Plant Class and have been encouraging my students to use your website for several years.  I also use it all the time as a resource."  --Dana, New Hampshire

"I'm very impressed with your homepage. It's things like this that make UVM seem even more exciting!" --Jill, Cape Cod

"This is fabulous!  I am lousy with the computer and found this a very easy site to navigate around.  Loved the lecture I tried.  I will be back for lots more and will tell my gardening friends!  Great job!" -- Kathleen, Massachusetts

"Your site is incredibly informative and attractively designed." -- David, Indiana

"Tonight, I once again tried to link to your page - WOW!!!!!  I don't think I will ever be bored again!  Thank you for providing such a wonderful site for us - and it is user-friendly, too!"--Anne, California

"I bumped into your web page on a search...and thoroughly enjoyed it." -- Dirk, England

"I am a first year student at a horticultural college in Melbourne, Australia. The plant identification information is first class. It is very relevant to my course and I shall mention your site to students in my class." --Karen, Australia

"I found the information on your page to be very helpful and informative."-- D, Tennessee

"You Perennial Page is one of the first sites I recommend whenever asked about good general gardening sites." --Larry, North Carolina

"What a great resource. I am going to tell my students to use it as a resource." -- Tina, Massachusetts

"I have just discovered your site, and I am finding it very informative.  It definately deserves being ranked among the best gardening sites." --Fran, Wisconsin

"I am not one to email people, but felt compelled to let you know that your web page is the best gardening page I've yet come across." --Jean-Marie, Vermont

“I just wanted to inform you that you have a very nice website.  Very informative and utilizes lots of different media.”  --Heather (a city forester), Illinois

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