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Anything but Green--

a matching quiz on variegated and bordered hostas

Test your hosta knowledge, and hopefully learn a few new selections in the process! Match the description in the left column with the correct cultivar in the right column. Then check against answers at the bottom. For photos of many, check out some of the specialty hosta nurseries in your area or online, or just type the name into a search engine like Google.
1. tapered leaves to 1' long, white center, wide irregular green border; 2' wide, 15" tall; white flowers; from Lachman a. 'Antioch'
2. yingeri seedling from Niche Gardens; butterscotch, gray speckling on glossy light green; 2' wide, 1' tall; dark purple flowers late b. 'Francee'
3. one of the best of the 90's; dark green, wide central white band; 3' wide, 1' tall; sport of 'Fortunei Hyacintha'; lavender flowers in summer c. 'June'
4. one of smallest variegated only 3" tall; leaves quarter size, green with white centers; from Shady Oaks nursery in late 90's; sport of 'Baby Bunting'; light lavender flowers in summer d. 'Pandora's Box'
5. one of finest and most popular hostas; 3' wide and 15" tall; dark green, uniform white border; lavender flowers e. 'Sagae'
6. blue green with cream center, wide, rounded; white flowers; 30" wide and 20" tall; sport of sieboldiana 'Elegans' f. 'Whirlwind'
7. tetraploid sport of 'Francee'; wide, irregular white margin; 4' wide, 15" tall; lavender flowers g. 'Patriot'
8. bluish, wide irregular creamy border; upright vase shape 2' tall, 6' wide; pale lavender flowers; one of finest and most dramatic h. 'Korean Snow'
9. bluish, large creamy center; 3' wide, 15" tall; sport of 'Halcyon'; from England; violet flowers i. 'Great Expectations'
10. wide white margins, 2 shades of green centers; 5' wide, 2' tall; pale lavender flowers in summer j. 'Cascades'


Answers: 1j, 2h, 3f, 4d, 5b, 6i, 7g, 8e, 9c, 10a

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