(bee-gon' ee-ah)

Common name: Begonia

Family: Begoniaceae, Begonia

Height x width: 6-18" x 6-12"

Growth rate: slow

Foliage: green, bronze or red; glossy, ovate to oval, alternate

Flowers: pink, red or white shades; few-flowered in axils, staminate and pistillate flowers on same plant

Hardiness: annual

Soil: well-drained, moist, fertile

Light: prefers shade, tolerates sun in zones 3-5 or if kept moist

Pests and problems: damping-off of seedlings, botrytis blight, leaf spots, stem rot, powdery mildew, mealybugs, thrips

Landscape habit, uses: bedding in front of border, containers, space 6" apart

Other interest: named after M. Begon (1638-1710)--Governor of French Canada and patron of botany, many hybrids (usually F1) of several So. American species

Other culture: keep moist

Propagation: seeds (1-2 million per oz.) sown 4-6 months before planting out, also leaf or stem cuttings later in season


semperflorens-cultorum (sim-per-floor' ens cull-tore' um)--Waxleaf, Fibrous-rooted Begonia; name from semperflorens--everblooming, cultorum--of gardeners refering to long bloom through frost

Cultivars: (of semperflorens-cultorum), those marked * are most commonly seen
Cultivars, other taxa height, in. flowers foliage
Ambassador Hybrids 8-10 mix green
Ambra Hybrids 6-8 various bronze
Aristo Hybrids 6-8 mix bronze
'Ball Red' 6-8 bright scarlet green
'Bicola' 6-8 white, red margins  green
Bingo Hybrids 8-10 various bronze
'Brandy' 6-8 clear pink bronze, Cocktail Hybrid
Charm Hybrids 8-10 pink, white green
*Cocktail Hybrids 6-8 various bronze, good in pots
Coco Hybrids 6-8 various bronze
Danica Hybrids 12-18 rose, scarlet bronze
'Derby' 6-8 white, pink edge green
Encore Hybrids 10-12 various green and bronze
Excel Hybrids 6-8 mix green and bronze
Frilly Dilly Hybrids 8-10 scarlet, pink, ruffled green
'Gin' 6-8 bright rose-pink bronze, Cocktail Hybrid
Glamour Hybrids 8-10 various green
Harmony Hybrids 6-8 various bronze, tolerate heat, rain
'Linda' 6-8 rich rose green
Lotto Hybrids 6-8 vibrant mix, large green
Olympia Hybrids 6-8 mix green
Options Hybrids 6-8 mix green or bronze
Organdy Hybrids 6-8 mix green, 20% bronze
'Othello' 8-10 scarlet-orange bronze
Party Hybrids 8-10 red, rose pink green, large flowers
Pizazz Hybrids 8-10 various green
Prelude Hybrids 6-8 various green, tolerate heat, rain
Rio Hybrids 8-10 various bronze, early
'Rum' 6-8 white, rose edge bronze, Cocktail Hybrid
'Scarlanda' 6-8 deep red green
'Scarletta' 6-8 bright scarlet red green
Senator Hybrids 6-8 various bronze
Stara Hybrids 12-18 various green, early
Super Olympia Hybrids 6-8 various green, earlier than Olympia
Tausendschon Hybrids: Thousand Wonder's      
Thousand Wonder's Hybrids 6-8 red, rose, white green
Victory Hybrids 6-8 various green and bronze
'Viva' 6-8 white green
'Vodka' 6-8 bright scarlet bronze, Cocktail Hybrid
'Whiskey' 6-8 pure white bronze, Cocktail Hybrid

©Authored by Dr. Leonard Perry, Professor, University of Vermont as part of PSS123 course.

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