Celosia (Plumed)(Crested)

(cel-o' see-ah)

Common name: Cockscomb

Family: Amaranthaceae, Amaranth

Height x width: 6-24" x 8-12"

Growth rate: moderate

Foliage: alternate, entire or seldom lobed, linear-lanceolate to 2" ; usually green, occasionally red

Flowers: inflorescence plumed spike or crested; reds, pink, oranges, yellows

Hardiness: annual

Soil: well-drained, moist, fertile; tolerates dry

Light: sun

Pests and problems: leaf spots, stem and root rots, spider mites, root nematodes

Landscape habit, uses: border fronts, massing, cut and dried flowers; erect to rounded habit; space 6-12" apart for bedding, 3" for cutting varieties

Other interest: flowers resemble rooster's comb, hence the name; genus from the Greek kelos meaning "burned" refering to flower colors

Other culture: native to tropical Africa; tolerate heat well

Propagation: seeds (30,000 per oz.) sown 4-6 weeks before planting out, grow seedlings above 60ºF to prevent stunting


argentea var. cristata (ar-gen' tee-ah chris-tah' tah)--only species commonly seen

Cultivars: (of above species), those marked * are most commonly seen

Childsii Group--globe-shaped terminal flowers, various colors

Cristata Group (C. cristata)--crested teminal flowers, various colors

Plumosa Group (C. plumosa)--plumed flower spikes, terminal or branched, various colors

Spicata Group--slender flower heads of metallic pink or yellow, narrow foliage
Cultivars, other taxa Group height, in. flowers foliage
*'Apricot Brandy' Plumosa 10-14 orange green, AAS 1981
*Castle Hybrids Plumosa 10-14 various green, pink AAS 1990
*Century Hybrids Plumosa 24-36 various green
Chief Hybrids Cristata 12-24 various green, bred for cutting
Coral Garden Hybrids Cristata 10-12 mix green
Empress Hybrids Cristata 10-12 various green
'Fiery Feather'  Plumosa 10-14 red green, cut or dried
'Fireglow' Cristata 12-24 cardinal red green, wide flowers
'Fairy Fountains' Plumosa 10-14 mix green
Floradale Hybrids Cristata 12-24 bright cherry green
'Forest Fire' Plumosa 24-36 blood red red
Geisha Hybrids Plumosa 10-14 various green
'Golden Feather' Plumosa 10-14 golden green
'Golden Triumph' Plumosa 24-36 golden green
Jewel Box Hybrids Cristata 6-8 mix green
Kewpie Hybrids Plumosa 10-14 various green, sideshoots
Kimono Hybrids Plumosa 10-14 mix green, early, uniform
*'New Look' Plumosa 10-14 red red, branched
Pampas Plume Hybrids Plumosa 24-36 mix green
'Pink Candle' Spicata 24-36 rose-pink green, for cuts and dried
'Pink Flamingo' Spicata 24-36 pink red
'Purple Flamingo' Spicata 24-36 purple red
*'Prestige Scarlet' Cristata 12-24 scarlet green, AAS 1997
'Purple Flamingo' Spicata 24-36 purple red leaves and stems
'Red Glow' Plumosa 10-14 rose red green, good branching
Sparkler Hybrids Plumosa 24-36 various green, cutting and bedding
'Toreador' Cristata 12-24 bright red green, 12" wide flowers
'Treasure Chest' Cristata 6-8 mix green, 10" flowers

©Authored by Dr. Leonard Perry, Professor, University of Vermont as part of PSS123 course.

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