(fue' she-ah)

Common name: Fuchsia, Lady's Eardrops

Family: Onagraceae, Evening Primrose

Height x width: 1-2' x 2-3'

Growth rate: moderate

Foliage: opposite, ovate-cordate, 2-5" long, toothed margins

Flowers: axillary or terminal racemes or panicles, 4 spreading to recurved sepals, corolla tube, stamens and stigma usually exserted; white, red, pink and purple combinations; various sizes

Hardiness: zones 8-10 depending on cultivar and species, treated as an annual

Soil: moist, fertile, well-drained

Light: part shade, some tolerate full sun if well-watered

Pests and problems:botrytis blight, rust, aphids, Japanese beetle, mealybugs, spider mites, scales, thrips, whiteflies (problems more common in greenhouses than outdoors)

Landscape habit, uses:hanging baskets, containers, tender shrub, trained upright, specimen

Other interest: named for Leonhard Fuchs--16th century German physician and herbalist

Other culture: can be overwintered for about 3 years, blooms on new growth so cut back hard in late winter to encourage new growth; mist leaves in morning and afternoon if over 90ºF

Propagation: softwood cuttings in spring or summer


most cultivars hybrids of fulgens and magellanica

Cultivars habit sepals corolla other
'Beacon' upright deep pink mauve pink dark green leaves
'Black Prince' upright deep red purple black mid-size flowers
'Gartenmeister Bonstedt'  upright reddish brown reddish brown dark bronze leaves
'Isis' trailing red red small flowers, leaves
'Marinka' trailing light red dark red late blooming
'Mme Corneiliessen' upright red white  small, reddish leaves
'Santa Claus' upright red white small dark leaves
'Starry Trail' trailing pink lavender  
'Goteborg' upright red white, red veins mid-size flowers
'Jingle Bells' upright red white dainty
'Lena' trailing pink blue purple self-branching
'Papoose' upright crimson purple heat tolerant
'Bicentennial' trailing salmon-orange red-orange dark green leaves
'Blue Eyes' trailing dark pink lavender blue  
'Dark Eyes' trailing shiny red violet dark green leaves
'Dollar Princess' upright glossy red rich purple self-branching
'Hollydale' upright orchid pink lavender pink  
'Pink Marshmallow' trailing white white  
'Southgate' trailing dark pink pink  
'Swingtime' upright scarlet white, red veins green leaves, red veins
'Voodoo' upright crimson purple very double
'White Eyes' trailing red white early blooming
'Winston Churchill' upright red purple  

©Authored by Dr. Leonard Perry, Professor, University of Vermont as part of PSS123 course.

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