Impatiens (shade type) and(New Guinea type, sun)

shade type photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons, Desi Burgos

im-paa' chins)

Common name: Impatiens

Family: Balsaminaceae, Balsam

Height x width: 12-24" x 12-24"

Growth rate: moderate

Foliage: simple, alternate or upper whorled, ovate 1-3" long

Flowers: irregular, axillary, 3 sepals one forming a spur, 5 petals usually; many colors

Hardiness: annual

Soil: well-drained, moist, fertile

Light: shade or sun (if organic soil and kept moist)

Pests and problems: damping-off during germination, fungal blights and rots, botrytis blight, bacterial leaf spot, viruses, slugs

Landscape habit, uses: massing, edging, containers, hanging baskets

Other interest: genus name refers to "impatient" nature of seed pods bursting when ripe; number one bedding plant

Other culture: more water and fertilizer yields taller plants; space 12" apart

Propagation: seeds sown indoors 6 weeks before planting out, cuttings in late summer to overwinter--root easily in water


balsamina (ball-sam' eh-nah)--Garden Balsam; erect rounded habit, short period of bloom and often hidden flowers in foliage, native of India and China; prefers sun (photo courtesy, K Stuber)

hawkeri  (hawk' er-ii)--New Guinea Impatiens, leaves generally larger and brightly colored bronze or purple with yellow or pink midribs, thick stems, larger showy flowers in various colors, prefers sun, usually from cuttings, native of New Guinea

walleriana (wall-er-aa' nah)--Impatiens, Patient Lucy, Sultana, Busy Lizzie; mounding habit, long bloom, native of eastern Africa; named after Horace Waller, a British missionary to east Africa; 46,000 seeds per ounce; prefers shade

 Cultivars: (colors in series-- over 325 total-- available separately)
Cultivars species flowers other
Accent series walleriana 18 colors, large early, basal branching
Blitz 2000 series walleriana 10 colors, 2 1/2" wide more compact, pots
Bull series hawkeri 10 colors from Bull (Ger.)
Carambole series balsamina 4 colors and mix 10-14" tall, double 
Celebration series hawkeri 17 colors from Ball
Confection series walleriana 5 colors, double good in pots
Danzinger series hawkeri 18 colors from Dan (Israel)
Dazzler series walleriana 12 colors 8-10" tall, best in shade
Deco series walleriana 8 colors, 2" wide vigorous, bronze leaves
Expo series walleriana   European series
Fantasia series walleriana 13 colors 10-12" tall, compact
Futura series walleriana 10 colors 10-12" tall, compact
Impulse series walleriana 13 colors, 2" wide compact, good in heat
Lasting Impression series hawkeri 17 colors from Mikkelsens
Liberty, Patriot series hawkeri 14 colors from Dummen
Mikkel Sunshine series hawkeri 7 colors from Mikkelsens
Mini series walleriana   6-8" tall, carpet effect
Novette series walleriana 9 colors 6-8" tall, early bloom
Paradise series hawkeri 17 colors from Kientzler (Ger.)
Pride series walleriana 8 colors, 2 1/2" wide mounding, many flowers
Pure Beauty series hawkeri 8 colors from Kientzler (Ger.)
Shady Lady series walleriana 18 colors, large 12-15" tall mounds, shade 
Soda Pops series walleriana 16 colors, large early, compact
Spectra series hawkeri 7 colors from seed
Splash series walleriana 7 bright colors 8-10" tall, early
Sun and Shade series walleriana 17 colors vigorous
Super Elfin series walleriana 15 colors 8-10" tall, most popular
Swirl series walleriana 3 picotee colors, large 10-12" tall, compact
'Tango' hawkeri orange, 2 1/2" wide 18-24" tall, from seed
Tempo series walleriana 17 colors, 2 1/2" wide very early, compact
'Tom Thumb Dwarf' balsamina double, above leaves compact, uniform
Twinkles series walleriana bicolors 8-10" tall, early

©Authored by Dr. Leonard Perry, Professor, University of Vermont as part of PSS123 course.

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