Lobelia erinus lobelia Laguna Sky Blue

(low-beel’ee-ah air-I’nuss)

Common name: Edging/Trailing Lobelia, Lobelia

Family: Campanulaceae, Bellflower

Height x width: 4-9" tall x 4-6" wide

Growth rate: slow

Foliage: alternate, serrate; lower leaves obovate, upper leaves linear, dark green or bronze green, 1/2" long

Flowers: small racemes to 2" long or small flowers to 1/2" across and 2" long; florets tubular, 2-lipped, fan shaped lower lip, white or yellow eye (center); blue, purples, white, red and variations

Hardiness: annual

Soil: moist, fertile

Light: full sun in north or if moist soil and cool summer, part shade otherwise

Pests and Problems: none serious, may get leaf spots or rusts, occasionally slugs

Landscape habit, uses: edging, containers, massed as ground cover, rock gardens; trailing types in hanging baskets

Other interest: native to South Africa; named for Matthias de l"Obel, botanist and physician for James I of England in 16th century; other related and popular species and cultivars are perennial, some suitable for watersides

Other culture: keep well-watered, fertilized through summer

Propagation: seeds sown indoors 10-12 weeks before last frost; cuttings from mature plants
Cultivars: those marked * are most commonly seen; trailing types sometimes listed as erinus pendula
Cultivar flowers habit
‘Alba’ white compact
‘Blue Moon’ violet-blue compact
‘Blue Pearl’ blue, early compact
*‘Cambridge Blue’ sky blue compact
*Cascade Hybrids various trailing
‘Cobalt Blue’ intense blue, early compact
*’Crystal Palace’ dark blue, dark foliage compact
‘Lilac Fountain’ lilac pink trailing
Moon Hybrids white, blue variations, early compact
‘Mrs. Clibran Improved’ bright blue, white eyes compact
*Palace Hybrids blue or white  compact
‘Pink Flamingo’ bright pink upright, branching
Regatta Hybrids various, long bloom trailing
*Riviera Hybrids blue variations, early compact
’Rosamund’ cherry red, white eye compact
*’Sapphire’ bright blue, white eye trailing
‘Snowball’ white compact
‘String of Pearls’ mix compact
‘Waverly Blue’ sky blue compact

©Authored by Dr. Leonard Perry, Professor, University of Vermont as part of PSS123 course.

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